Barry Kinsella interview at ABG 1

When we trained at Average Broz's Gymnasium first location-- commonly referred to as Area 51, we had visitors on very rare occasions.  The gym was more of a club without memberships, a real name, signage or anything typical.  ABG then was more of a club for people who wanted to do the Olympic Lifts than a gym.  We all met in the afternoons to train hard and put in work. When a visitor would come by it was always a surprise.  The location was well hidden in an industrial park due to the noise ordinances and was difficult to find even with directions.

One day we had a visitor with a strange accent. Barry Kinsella was from Ireland.  Barry searched us out to train, but also to do a "quick interview" after we were finished for the day.  Barry's interview was the first video I'd done about training or coaching.  I was very tired after lifting and didn't really want to do it, however I appeased him but was curt.  This video went viral and marked the beginning video of the Squat Every Day mentality along with an American version of the Bulgarian method of weightlifting.

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