History of the Squat

Hands down, one of the coolest videos I have been featured in.  When Cory Gregory designed the #squateveryday trainer series for Bodybuilding.com, he asked me to be a part of the project since I was responsible for the inspiration.  I was flattered and obviously wanted to be involved.

During the video interview, filmed in a suburb Boise, ID, just outside the world HQ for Bodybuilding.com,  they casually asked me if I knew the history of the squat as an exercise and where or how it got started.  I quickly rambled off some names and ideas from the top of my head.  The directors were blown away-- but not nearly as much as I was with their finished video and seeing what they were able to create!

This video was not scheduled and was an addition to the project. They brought my story to life with a clear, professional voice-over narration of what I had described and video footage that I didn't know existed.  This turned out amazing and I am proud and fortunate to have been a part of this.

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